Eastman Kodak aka Kodak
Megapixels Unknown
Amount of lenses 1, Meniscus f/14, 65mm
Film 127
Dimensions Unknown
Weight Unknown

The Brownie camera was made by Eastman Kodak. This simple camera was released in 1900 and was originally made out of a cardboard box. Its basic design with a meniscus lens and allowed for the cheap price, making this camera affordable and easy to use. With the accessibility of the camera one of the popular slogans was, "You push the button, we do the rest." The original camera took 2¼-inch square pictures on 117 film.

The Brownie came in various models including:

  • Beau Brownie: 1930-1933
  • Baby Brownie:1934-1941
  • Hawkeye Brownie: 1949-1961
  • Brownie 127: 1952-1959
  • Brownie holiday: 1953-1962
  • Brownie Fiesta: 1962-1970
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