Golden Half
Golden half 01
Megapixels Unknown
Amount of lenses 1
Film 35mm
Dimensions 3.5"w, 1"d, 3"h
Weight light (Unknown)

The Golden Half camera takes 35mm film and transforms each frame into 2 individual standard vertical format photos - one right next to the other, thus doubling the number of pictures your roll will take. For example, you put a roll of 36 exposures into the Golden Half, you'll actually get 72 pictures. Aside from increasing your shots, this miniature sized camera allows your creative self to make diptychs and juxtapositions with the images you shoot. The Golden Half is designed to be small enough to fit into most pockets, and light enough to be easy to carry around so that you will never again miss an opportunity to create a great picture. The hotshoe it's equipped with means that with the attachment of a flash, you're in business to shoot in all kinds of light. The Golden Half features two apertures: f/11 for sunny skies or when using flash, and f/8.5 for cloudier times.

Focal PointsEdit

  • 22mm lens
  • f/8.5-11 aperture
  • 1/100 shutter speed
  • manual film advance.
  • 3.5"w, 1"d, 3"h
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