Plastic Cameras Wiki

Photo of Lomo LC-A by Flickr user C1ssou.

This compact point and shoot camera is the replacement for the original Lomo LC-A, released in 1984. After production was discontinued in 2005 of the Lomo LC-A production of the LC-A+ began in China in 2006. Some of the features include the Minitar 1 lens which gives it the shadowy vignetted look and the options for multiple and extended exposure.

Some of the upgrades in the new model include:

  • Multiple exposures
  • Cable release
  • Expanded ISO range (1600 added and 50 ISO removed)
  • Grooves added to front bevel to take Splitzer
  • Attractive all plastic body
  • Fast f/2.8 lens
  • Low-level warning light indication in viewfinder
  • Special lens coating creates super color-saturated shots, both daytime and night