Polaroid Land Camera
Megapixels Unknown
Amount of lenses 1
Film instant film
Dimensions Unknown
Weight Unknown

These cameras are names after Edwin Land who invented self-developing film. It was manufactured by Polaroid from 1947-1983. The first Polaroid camera was available in 1948 and took about 1 minute to produce a print. The technique was also made available in color in 1963 with the release of the Polacolor Pack. Another development happened in 1972 when the film no longer required the user to either pull apart or time the development of the photograph. The film had all of the components necessary for exposure developing and fixing the photograph.

Various models of the polaroid camera:

  • Model 800: 1957-1962
  • SX-70: 1970s
  • J-66: 1961-1963


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